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Constitution East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club

1. The Association

  • The Association shall be called “The East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club” hereafter referred to as the East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club, The Association, or “Good Vibrations” Support Group.
  • An Independent Group though affiliated to the National Laryngectomy Club (NALC) with a yearly subscription. NALC has approved of our name.

2. Objects of the Association

  • To represent the interests of laryngectomees who are members of the East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club.
  • To promote the rehabilitation of all laryngectomees.
  • To establish and maintain a channel of meaningful dialogue with professionals and each other.
  • To help each other with problems that may arise when learning to communicate.
  • To meet once a month as a social get-together/support group
  • To raise money for all or such purposes.

3. Membership

  • Membership is open to all laryngectomees
  • Membership is for a twelve month period
  • Membership is by subscription, payable once a year, running from September of each year.
  • Certain individuals who are not members will be co-opted into the support group i.e. carers and/or professionals

4. Officers

  • The Officers of East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club will consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. They have formed this support group with full member’s agreement. These positions are up for election every two years by vote.


  • will chair meetings and act as returning officer during votes etc.

Vice-Chairman: (Vacancy)

  • shall deputise for the Chairman as necessary
  • shall co-ordinate the work of those Committee members who are not officers


  • shall organize meetings, write agendas/newsletter and shall keep a written record of meetings
  • shall write, retain and maintain membership lists and issue membership cards and process applications.


  • Shall maintain, in full detail the accounts of The East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club.
  • The Chairman and Secretary will have full access to accounts at all times.
  • Accounts will be audited in full once a year prior to 1st April showing all income and expenditure.
  • The treasurer will give a full account of income/expenditure after audit to the members of East Lancashire Laryngectomee Club.
  • All withdrawals from the account shall be under the signature of at least two duly appointed officers of the association who have been nominated by the members to undertake this task (currently the Chairman and the Treasurer).
  • All funds of the association shall be kept in a bank account in the name of East Lancashire Laryngectomy Club at the TSB Bank, Lord St West, Blackburn. This can only be changed with discretion by the Committee Officers.

The Official address will be 4 Montreal Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 7BY

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